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Quality Faux Wood Shutters vs Substandard Faux Wood Shutters in Minneapolis
May 6, 2019
There is a real difference in faux wood shutters. Good faux wood is dependable, easy to clean, and energy efficient. Cheap faux wood is more likely to bow, crack, chip and stain.
The Best Window Treatments For Kids And Pets in Minneapolis
January 17, 2019
It's easy to see that kids and pets can accidentally damage your window treatments. That's why Polywood shutters may be the best window treatment for kids and pets in Minneapolis.
The Best Louver Size for Shutters in Minneapolis
November 13, 2018
What Are the best louver size for your Minneapolis shutters, with assistance from Sunburst!
Skylight Window Treatments for Minneapolis Homes
October 22, 2018
Find Minneapolis skylight window treatments such as skylight shutters and skylight shades from Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis.
How to Cover Small Windows In Your Minneapolis Home
September 11, 2018
Find the best-looking window treatment options for small windows in Minneapolis such as small window shutters, shades, and others!
Whats the Best Time of Year for Home Improvement in Minneapolis?
May 7, 2018
Want to know the optimal season for home improvement projects in Minneapolis? We break down what to consider and the best projects to do each season.
Which Window Treatments Help With Privacy the Most?
April 30, 2018
Find out which window coverings offer the most privacy, and which ones to avoid in Minneapolis.
Matching Your Minneapolis Wood Shutters With Your Existing Wood
February 5, 2018
Mixing and matching hardwood floors, furniture, and Minneapolis wood shutters is easy with help from Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis.
What Makes Up a Faux Wood Shutter?
December 18, 2017
Minneapolis faux wood shutters are some of the most popular window coverings. But how good are faux wood shutters are they all alike?
Midwest Weather Is Unpredictable Make Sure Your Window Treatments Are Ready
December 14, 2017
Midwest window treatments keep your home comfortable through every season. Sunburst will find you the best Midwest shutters, drapes, and more.
Interior Shutter Myths Busted
October 10, 2017
Too many shutter myths keep going around in Minneapolis. Sunburst wants to help you see through the smoke when it comes to indoor shutters.
Minneapolis Coastal Window Treatment Recommendations
September 26, 2017
Coastal homes in Minneapolis need equally beautiful window treatments. Find the finest shutters, drapes and blinds for MN homes near the coast.
What To Know About Shutters and Replacing Windows
August 21, 2017
Do you need to get rid of plantation shutters in order to put in a new window? Learn from Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis what you need to know about replacing windows and shutters.
The Difference Between Exterior and Interior Shutters: Rundown for Minneapolis Homeowners
July 5, 2017
Whats the difference between exterior and interior shutters? Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis, your Minneapolis shutter authority, take a look.
Stylize Your Shutters with Options like Craftsman Shutter Frames in Minneapolis
June 26, 2017
Every Minneapolis shutters are different. The shutter frame you pick will make a big difference to the style and functionality of your plantation shutters.
What Window Treatments Look Great From Outside?
June 19, 2017
Window treatments like stunning plantation shutters can add style to not just the inside of your house, but also the exterior.
What Are The Different Kinds of Indoor Shutters?
January 20, 2017
There are many different types of indoor shutters to pick from, from plantation to colonial style and so on. Find out about Minneapolis shutters here.
Eyebrow Window Treatments Don't Have to Be Tricky
January 6, 2017
Eyebrow window treatments need to be customized to match your windows unique curves. Find your ideal eyebrow window options in Minneapolis with these tips.
Minneapolis Homeowners & Window Treatment Safety
October 24, 2016
October is Window Covering Safety Month. See to it that your Minneapolis home is safe for children with help from Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis
Window Treatments for High Windows in Minneapolis
October 10, 2016
High windows in Minneapolis need a window treatment with no hassles. Find the best solutions for windows with Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis.
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