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Interior window shutter in classic white behind wood furnishings and upholstered chair

Should You Use Interior Window Shutters In Minneapolis?

March 07, 2024

Choosing the most suitable window treatment can be hard with such a variety of possibilities to consider. Some choices provide style but might fall short in light management. Others could do an adequate job of controlling outside light but don’t provide the exceptional durability you want. Luckily, there is a choice that offers everything you need. Learn why you should get interior window shutters for your Minneapolis home.

Enjoy the Ultimate in Light Control

Polywood interior window shutter allowing light into bedroom

One of the chief jobs of any window treatment is directing sunlight. Interior window shutters – sometimes called plantation or louvered shutters – are the most adaptable products on the market, making them suitable for any space.

Open the panels if you seek a full rush of sunlight and an unobstructed view outdoors. On the other hand, if you want privacy, shut the panels and louvers completely. Do you want a different degree of light? Adjust the louvers to permit the exact amount of sunlight you seek. You might even use a divider rail with your plantation shutters and turn the top louvers for light while keeping the lower louvers shut for privacy.

Searching For Style? Interior Window Shutters In Minneapolis Provide Enduring Beauty

Wood shutters on living room windows

The timeless appearance of interior window shutters gives you enduring style. You’ll enjoy the exquisite lines of the movable louvers and their straightforward, cordless functionality. The permanence of this sought-after window covering contributes to its allure, as you can plan to have them for however long you live in the home. They might also be customized to match any interior perfectly.

If you’re looking to complement existing wood decor, natural wood shutters in your favored stain colors are best. However, you can always select a classic white shutter that works beautifully with any style. You can further customize interior window shutters in Minneapolis with your preferred louver size, frame style, and other selections like split tilt control. The result is a fully custom-crafted window covering that meets your specific design goals.

Lower Utility Bills With Polywood® Window Shutters

White Polywood shutters on large dining room windows

Polywood shutters supply more than superior light governance and style. These top-quality composite wood interior window shutters in Minneapolis enhance your home’s energy efficiency by blocking warm and cold air from intruding. Here are the ways this is done: 

  • Exclusive weatherstripping forms a barrier when the shutter panels are closed.
  • An industrial-grade outer layer with UV inhibitor protects against the sun’s rays.
  • Expertly engineered synthetic wood material impedes airflow while standing up to high humidity levels and temperature extremes.

Polywood shutters decrease the affect of outside temperatures to a greater extent than any other kind of window product. Along with saving energy, these interior shutters offer exceptional durability as they are resistant to splitting, warping, and breaking. They also are fade-resistant, so you may place them in spaces with lots of sun exposure without thinking twice.

Upgrade Your Home With Interior Window Shutters In Minneapolis From Sunburst

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