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The Best Window Treatments In Minneapolis For Back Doors

July 19, 2016

Does your back door have flimsy blinds that bang against the glass pane when the door is shut? Or have you left your back door glass uncovered because you haven’t decided what to put on it? Adding the right window treatments to your back door allows you to enjoy the light and view of your Minneapolis backyard while also giving you control over light and privacy - without the distraction of blinds or any other window covering that clangs against the glass any time you shut the door.

The first thing to consider when finding a new back door window treatment is durability. It should be durable enough to withstand the constant motion of the door and short exposure to outside. It should also provide privacy from curious neighbors while accentuating your home.

Whether your back door is a sliding glass door, a french door, or a regular swing out door with a glass window, discover the best back door window treatments in Minneapolis to meet your needs.

Plantation Shutters That Are Attached To Your Door

Plantation shutters on a french door leading out to pool 

Faux wood plantation shutters are a great choice for back doors because the shutter panels are attached tightly to your door. So when you shut your doors, the shutters stay with the door and don’t swing around on the glass. You can tilt the shutter louvers open to let in light or close them for privacy. The shutter panels swing out so you can clean the glass on the door.

Our Polywood® faux wood shutters are built for durability and can withstand the constant motion of your back door. They’re built using a composite material which blocks humidity and fading. The shutters won’t chip or crack because of changes in humidity or temperature. Polywood shutters also make your home more energy efficient by restricting heat transfer through the window.

French doors or sliding glass doors that open up to your patio or deck can be tricky to cover due to their handles and large glass panes. Plantation shutters are built to fit your door’s glass. They can be cut out around large or irregular shaped handles and can be installed on any size of glass. Plantation shutters can also be installed on bi-fold doors or sliding panels for a sliding door. You’ll have stunning custom shutters that are tightly attached to your door. And it’s easy to open and close both the door and your shutters.

Personalized Shades

Woven shades on bedroom windows 

Another back door window treatment that is easy to customize to your home is shades. They come in dozens of patterns, colors, and material. You can retract them to the top to have light shining through or pull them all the way down to filter or block the light. Additional options include light and privacy liners which let you tailor them to your needs. Shades that work well for doors with glass are Roman shades, cellular shades, and roller shades. Roman shades form a stack at the top of the shade but are flat when pulled down to the bottom. Cellular shades have little pleats that look like a honeycomb from the side, creating air pockets that help insulate the glass. Roller shades have a tube at the top that the shades roll down from.

If your door is exposed to relentless sun or humidity, try to find shade material that can guard against the effects of heat and moisture. Shades aren’t as energy efficient as Polywood shutters. But you can reduce heat loss by using liners, thicker materials, or cellular shades. Remember that shades are more likely to fade than shutters.

Shades can be mounted with hold down brackets so they don’t swing around when the back door moves. One disadvantage of shades is you can’t cut the shade around non-standard door handles.

Choose The Back Door Window Treatment That’s Perfect For You

Want additional ideas for your back door window treatments in Minneapolis or window treatments for your living room, dining room, or sidelights? Browse through our idea gallery and Ultimate Room Guide. And if you’re ready to buy window treatments give us a ring at 952-856-8130 for a free in-home consultation. One of our window treatment professionals will come to your home and help you find the perfect window treatment. Contact us today!