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Roller shades in living room.

Roller Shades Vs. Cellular Shades In Minneapolis

October 12, 2021

Roller shades and cellular shades can both reduce sunglare, provide protection from onlookers, and beautify your windows. But, they are two unique types of window shades. They give a different look and offer unique benefits depending on what you want. Once you learn what each can bring, you can pick between roller shades vs. cellular shades in Minneapolis.

What Are The Differences Between Roller Shades Vs. Cellular Shades In Minneapolis?

Roller shades and cellular shades both offer power over sunlight and privacy. Both come in many custom options, such as top-down/bottom-up and motorized types. However, that’s it regarding the shared traits ,too.

Cellular shades and roller shades have separate appearances and constructions. Traditional roller shades use one sheet of material that coils up into a tube mounted to the top of your window. Cellular shades have pleats of fabric that create pockets resembling a honeycomb. Those cells fold up accordion-style as you raise the shade. Each offers unique perks to help you choose between them.

Buy Roller Shades To Make The Look You Need

roller shade in a modern bedroom 

If you’re considering roller shades vs. cellular shades in Minneapolis and have a distinct decor style in mind, take a look at roller shades first. Roller shades have long been a trusted window treatment because they have clean lines and give off a classic look that you can use with any decor. They look perfect when paired with drapery in a formal living room or use them as a solidary window covering. Roller shades are available in a plethora of patterns and colors also. You can easily source bold colors on roller shades for Bohemian styles or plain white roller shades for a vintage or beach theme. Their endless variety allows you to create a unique look for your rooms.

Roller shades also come in a plethora fabrics and transparencies to provide the privacy and natural light management you need. If you have a darker space, more translucent sheer roller shades will accentuate your decor without blocking outside light. If you find a sunny area that gets too hot and stuffy during sunrise or sunset, you can make the room cooler and protect your wood furniture from discoloration with heavier blackout shades.

Use Cellular Shades For Insulation

Cellular shades in oceanside beach house. 

If you are looking for window treatments that can bring some insulation to your windows, there’s a clear winner when talking roller shades vs. cellular shades in Minneapolis. Cell shades are made to help stop ambient air flow and ward off temperature loss into your home. Their folded cells trap a bit of the air that slips through windows and keep your space from feeling as cold in winter or stuffy in the summer. This energy savings should help keep you more comfortable all year long and helps keep energy costs low.

You can install cell shades in any room of your house, but you’ll get more out of them in sunny or drafty rooms. Hang a cellular shade on places where you want to relax in for crafting or watching a movie to stop cold air from coming in on you the winter. Or hang cell shades in your kids’ bedroom to keep it nice during the sweltering months. Of course, if you need even more energy efficiency, you should think about Polywood® shutters too.

Find Premium Window Shades At Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis

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If you need quality window shades for your Minneapolis house, look to Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis. We have many window shade products to work with your needs and decor. Let our window treatment professionals help you select the perfect shade for your home and hang them so that they look wonderful. Contact us right now at 952-856-8130 or send in the form below to get a no-cost in-home consultation.