Octagon Window Covering Tips For Minneapolis Homeowners

George Christ

If you have an octagon window, it sometimes is a challenge to find a window treatment in Minneapolis that offers privacy and controls light. And your window treatment shouldn’t cover the unique octagon shape. So how do you find a window treatment for your octagon-shaped window?

Shutters For Octagon Windows

Octagon Shutter In Minneapolis

Plantation shutters can be custom made to match the shape of your octagon windows. You can pick from stained wood plantation shutters or painted synthetic wood shutters to install on your octagon windows.

Octagon shutters fit every corner and line of the octagon, so that your window shape stands out. You’ll love how octagon shutters look - and how you can easily tilt the louvers to control for privacy and brightness.

Shutters also increase your window’s energy efficiency. Our Polywood® shutters are 1600% more energy efficient than aluminum blinds and 70% more energy efficient than normal wooden shutters.

Window Film For Octagon Windows

Window film filters sunlight coming through the window’s glass, keeping out UV rays. This keeps your furniture and carpeting from fading.

When you have window film professionally installed on your octagon window, the film fits right on the octagonal shape.

You can order window film in different styles to give you some privacy and light control. Without these options, your neighbors can look inside through the octagonal window.

For the most privacy and light control, use window film with plantation shutters.

Blinds, Shades, & Draperies For Octagon Windows

You can buy shades, blinds, and draperies and have them installed on your octagonal windows in Minneapolis. But, it’s not something we recommend because they cover the shape of your window. Even though blinds and shades can give you light control and privacy when closed, they don’t work as well as a shutter on a special-shaped window. Octagon shutters give the window a beautiful look that highlights its angles, and you can control its louvers for light and privacy.

Talk To Us About Custom Shutters For Octagon Windows In Minneapolis, MN

Octagon Shutter In Minneapolis

If you want more information about octagon shutters - or custom shutters for triangles, circles, or arches - our experts will schedule you for a free in-home design consultation. We’ll take measurements of your special-shaped windows and show you an estimate of how much your custom shutters will cost. Your new octagon shutters will make your window shape stand out. Contact us at 952-856-8130 or fill out the form below for octagon window treatments in Minneapolis.