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Wooden Ovation shutters with dark wood within a living room corner.

Faux Wood Shutters VS Real Wood Shutters in Minneapolis

October 21, 2022

When exploring your options for plantation shutters in Minneapolis, you have your pick of natural wood or wood substitute shutters. On one hand, you may consider faux wood shutters -- such as our Polywood® shutters -- in versatile white that provide an unmatched amount of efficiency. As an alternative, you have the soothing, natural colors of our elegant wood Ovation® shutters.

They both have unique features to satisfy your window treatment requirements. Luckily, there’s a shutter for everyone when comparing faux wood shutters vs. real wood shutters in Minneapolis.

For Energy Efficient Windows, Pick Polywood Shutters

 White Polywood shutters above a kitchen sink.

Energy-efficient window treatments add insulation to windows, blocking cold drafts and warm sunlight to maintain your comfort and lower utility expenses. Faux wood Polywood shutters are ideal for efficiency. Outside air and light can’t get through their strong composite material, and all of their parts are built to close securely if you choose to envelop your windows. Polywood shutters also come with patented weather protection that gives you unrivaled insulation.

When shut, Polywood shutters insulate windows 70% better than natural wood shutters. You’ll observe an unmistakable difference when using them on extremely hot or cold days. However, wood shutters deliver more efficiency than other products like window shades and blinds.

For More Color Possibilities, Consider Ovation Shutters

 Dark wood Ovation shutters in a small dining room area.

Both wood and faux wood shutters look fantastic in every Minneapolis residence. With that in mind, they both lend their own look to complement your individual tastes. Whereas white Polywood shutters appear modern and bright, wood shutters are both natural and traditional. But, if you have a certain look you wish to incorporate, Ovation shutters with their many color possibilities might be the best way to go.

Polywood shutters are available in three shades of classic white. Although white goes with everything, if your decor requires another attractive adaptable color or wood stain, you should give thought to Ovation shutters. These exceptional products can be customized with 13 paint choices and 27 stain possibilities! They easily blend with the existing wood elements in your interior or impart an alluring element of nature to your home decor.

In Terms Of Durability, Polywood Wins

White Polywood shutters on large dining room windows. 

When it comes to faux wood shutters vs. real wood shutters in Minneapolis, faux wood is the winner for durability. Polywood shutters are resistant to destruction from excess humidity, severe hot or cold weather, insects, mold, and UV rays. They won’t tear, crack, disfigure, or fade. You are able to place them in your coolest, sunniest, or most moisture-heavy spots without fear. They’ll last decades in any room of the house and garage!

Ovation wood shutters offer impressive durability for a natural wood product. As the only five-star wood shutters in the world, they incorporate first-rate materials and construction to encourage impressive longevity. And even though they aren’t suitable for wet bathrooms, the wood is treated to be resistant to moisture better than other alternatives.

Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis Will Help You Choose Between Faux Wood Shutters Vs. Real Wood Shutters In Minneapolis

Unable to decide between natural wood or Polywood shutters in Minneapolis? Taking a look at them close up is sure to help. Call the professionals of Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis with a call to 952-856-8130 or submit the form below to schedule a no-charge on-site appointment. An knowledgeable consultant will show you samples and let you see what they look like on your windows.