The Different Styles of Patio Door Shutters in Minneapolis

George Christ

A glass patio door can be a very stylish part of your home, if you take care of it. A large part of doing so is choosing how to cover the patio door to protect your privacy and control for light.

By far the best-looking and most effective window treatments for patio doors are plantation shutters. And regardless of whether your patio door is a french door or sliding glass door, we can help you find a shutter style perfectly suited to your setup.

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French Door Patio Shutters

Plantation shutters are versatile, making them ideal for french patio doors. For any style of french patio door you have, our team can build a set of plantation shutters to fit them.

Does just one door open, or both french doors? Are the handles near the inside or the outside of the doorframe? Is it important to have a buffer so your door doesn’t swing open too far and hit the wall? Custom shutters are the solution for any situation.

Not to mention their other vast benefits. Interior shutters offer complete light control, unlike curtains or shades that only give you: open or closed. Shutters also outlive every other window covering, and can survive as long as your patio doors do. Shutters are also installed right onto your doors, so they don’t sway wildly when you open or close go through the patio door. And with our premier faux wood Polywood® plantation shutters, you get unmatched energy efficiency, and that’s especially important with how much heat can come and go through the big french door windows.

Sliding Patio Door Shutters

Just like Minneapolis french doors, sliding patio doors come in a variety of configurations, and it might be super difficult to find a window treatment that works in tandem with your sliding patio door. Fortunately, plantation shutters are custom-made to fit your sliding patio doors no matter how they open. Sliding door shutters will fall under one of two types: bypass or bifold.

Bypass Sliding Patio Door Shutters

With bypass shutters for a sliding patio door, one panel slides on a track to open a path for your door.
Bypass wood patio door shutters in Minneapolis living room

The best part of bypass shutters for a patio door is that it doesn’t sacrifice privacy or lighting control or vice versa like you might with other window treatments. You can adjust the shutter louvers to any angle, allowing light to come in without letting the outside world get an open view of the inside of your home.

Bypass shutters typically are made with fewer shutter panels than bifold shutters, resulting in a more modern and sleek style for your patio door.

Bifold Sliding Patio Door Shutters

As the name suggests, bifold sliding door shutters fold and collapse into themselves and can move away from your sliding door. While not as common as bypass sliding door shutters, bifold shutters give you more shutter panels, giving you more discriminating light control since you have access to more individual louvers to adjust.

Frequently Asked Questions about Patio Door Shutters

How do I figure out if I need bypass or bifold sliding patio door shutters?

It usually depends on the the space around your sliding door. Your Sunburst Shutters professionals can help you find what will work best for your home.

Is there enough room around my sliding door to install shutters?

In most cases, yes, there will be more than enough space. That’s because there are a number of frame and mount builds that can fit various kinds of sliding patio doors.

My french doors open in opposite directions – is that a problem for shutters?

Just like with sliding door shutters, french door shutters are custom built to your exact specifications. Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis is able to create a frame and mounting that won’t interfere with how your patio doors operate.

Can shutters move away from my glass patio door so I can get a full view?

They certainly can!

Will my door handle be in the way of shutters?

No, our expert team is able to build shutters with custom cut-outs, which wrap around the door handle, giving you full access to it at all times.

Do I need to cover my transom if I put shutters on my patio door?

Only if that’s what you want to do. One of the best things about shutters is how adaptable they are.

Are shutters durable enough to withstand pets scratching at the door?

There’s no window treatment that can eliminate scuffs from pets. However, for unrivaled strength and durability, you may want to look at Polywood plantation shutters.

Will patio door shutters help protect my furniture and carpet from fading?

Absolutely! With the unmatched light control offered by shutters comes the ultimate in sun protection. Your furniture, flooring, art on the wall on the wall and everything else inside will be safeguarded from harsh UV rays.

When putting in patio door shutters, is anything screwed into the floor?

No – no matter what style of patio door shutters you choose, they adhere to either the wall around the door or the door frame itself, depending on the style you choose.

Will patio door shutters swing in the breeze when the door isn’t shut?

No worries here. Patio door shutters by Sunburst heavy enough, sturdy enough, and constructed solidly enough that they won’t ever sway in the wind, even if the door is wide open.

Time to Make Your Patio Doors Shine Brighter

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