Announcing The Share Your Shutters 2016 Summer Prize Winner!

George Christ

We’re proud to announce the Summer 2016 #ShareYourShutters contest winner – Sabrina L. of Houston, Texas!

Her awesome shutters got our attention with how perfectly they fit with her decor and elevate her room’s style.

Natural Wood shutters in living room windows by Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis.

“They’re still one of my favorite things about my home,” Sabrina raved when she submitted the pictures of her winning room. And we agree with her–those Ovation® plantation shutters work fantastically in the space, beautifully matching the beige and brown color palette of the space.

The aesthetic of the natural wood shutters also goes great with her hardwood floor and table, turning it into a room that brings outdoor beauty indoors. Best of all, with the room’s big windows, the plantation shutters give her the ability to set any mood with the amount of control she has over light–just look at that sunlight pouring in! The fact that Sabrina’s shutters are still one of Sabrina’s favorite home additions proves the long-lasting looks and beauty of plantation shutters.

As our winner, Sabrina will get a $100 dinner gift certificate to use in Houston, as well as bragging rights for her winning room!

Do your shutters look good enough to win? Submit pictures of your shutters from Sunburst Shutters Minneapolis to enter the #ShareYourShutters contest for this fall, and you may be our next featured winner and receive a gift certificate. We think it’s high time a homeowner from Minneapolis was featured, don’t you?
We want to see your shutters, Minneapolis!